Texas Water Rights?

Recently received this message from one of our friends in Texas:

Ladies  & Gentlemen

This just came out in the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Assoc.

Colorado County Groundwater Conservation District votes against vested groundwater rights for landowners, sounds as if some Bolsheviks have infiltrated that Committee.

The Colorado County Groundwater Conservation District took a discouraging action on groundwater ownership at their Dec. 15 meeting by approving a resolution that recommends that the Legislature and the Texas courts refrain from taking any action that would create a vested right in groundwater under the surface prior to its capture.

TSCRA strongly disagrees with this stance and recommends landowners contact their local groundwater conservation district to voice their opinion that landowners have a vested ownership interest in groundwater beneath their property. TSCRA and 12 other landowner groups have asked groundwater conservation districts to make a written statement supporting landowner’s ownership interest in groundwater. For more information, go to groundwaterownership.com.

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  1. Flusher says:

    This could get as complicated as illigal immigration across the Mexico, Texas-US border. So, who owns the water and who has control?

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